Monday, November 20, 2006

It's been awhile.....

since i posted.
Not alot has been going on. I've been sick for the past 4 days. No fun at all. Thursday i went to work for a total of 21 min. I got sent home. I rented 3 movies Cars, Click & John Tucker must die. I never rent movies. When i went to pay for my movies they told me i had a late fee from like 2 years ago. So i watched all 3 of those movies on Thursday afternoon. I was prety much glued to the couch all day. Friday i went to work for a couple of hours my boss could tell i didn't feel good and he said "what are you doing here?" i said "I work here" he said "not for very much longer" haha. I get fired everyday but i keep going back. haha.
Friday evening i was feeling much better and went out with Lexi & Jill for a little bit. Nothing too crazy. Saturday morning i woke up and felt like i had been run over by a truck.
I had a horrible cough and i could have kept Charmin toilet paper in business with how much i wiped my nose! I rented 3 more movies lastnight (that's a total of 6 movies in 3 days). This time i rented Glory Road , Just My luck and Last Holiday.
Today was my pawpaw's birthday so the whole family went to mom's for lunch. I'm feeling MUCH better today. I hung out at my house for the afternoon then Jill, Lacy, Lexi & Joni came over and we ordered food and watched Desperate Housewives.

Nothing going on in the boy department. Someone asked me the other day how my love life was and i said 'what's that " haha. It's non existant right now.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week!! I need to get my arse in the gym.

Friday, July 14, 2006

My trip to Ruidoso

Lexi and i left town Friday afternoon. Megan was already in Ruidoso. It's a 4 hour trip. Lexi got bored so she decided to play with the camera

We got to Ruidoso around 6:30pm NM time Megan's whole family was sitting on the porch
waiting for us. We said our hellos, fixed our plates and the family told us they were going to the casino and they'd see us later. We were like what?!?! So we ate and talked to Megan for awhile then Lexi and i decided to go to the casino. It was Lexi's first time so she played some slots and she learned how to play roulette. We had alot of fun. We got hit on at the bar by an old fat guy. That was funny..... he gave us his number....
We got back to the house Megan and her parents were already in the hot tub so we went and changed in our swimsuits and joined them. Megan had too many tequila shots and ended up getting REALLY drunk and sick. Lexi and i were up with her until 4:30am We took some funny pictures but i can't show those on here, haha.
Saturday we got up and went to lunch with Aunt KK. After lunch we went to a store to do some shopping. We went back to the house Lexi and i decided to go to the horseraces. Megan still wasn't feeling good so she said she was going to stay at the house and sleep.
Lexi and i had SO much fun!!

These are the guys that were helping us bet. We ended up hanging out with them
for about 3 hours after the races ended.
From there we went to Casa Blanca where Brad & Ruth (Paps' neighbors) were playing in
a band. We had alot of fun there. We pushed some tables out of the way and made our own dance floor. It was a blast. The band told us later that we were the ones that were entertaining them instead of the other way around.

Here's Lexi and Megan taking a break from dancing.

This was Sunday morning on our way to breakfast.
After breakfast we went back to the house and took an hour nap before getting on the road.
I drove my car, Lexi was driving Megans and Megan was driving Steve's. Steve is Papa's friend and he just had heart surgery and couldn't drive back home so Megan drove his car.
The weather was bright and sunny when we left Ruidoso. 20 min. out it started POURING!
I couldn't see at all. It scared the shit out of me. I was so afriad i was going to hit Lexi. There was no way we could pull over so we had to keep going. A little way later it started HAILING! We were finally able to pull over on the side of the road. We waited a couple of min. and it let up. We went a couple of miles and it started hailing again so off to the side of the road we went. I was thinking "Great at this rate it's going to take us all day to get home". It finally quit hailing so we started again. Then it stopped raining and there wasn't a wet spot to be found.
I had my ipod hooked up but i was getting good reception. Another song kept breaking in. I was like what the heck. I heard an old country song then Britney spears Crazy but it was a different version. Then i heard A spoonfull of sugar and i thought 'radio stations don't play disney songs!" then i heard another old country song. I was really confused by now. Then Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpsons version of A whole new world came on and it finally clicked. My car was picking up Lexi's ipod. It was the funniest thing. So i just turned my ipod off and listened to hers the whole way. About 15 min outside of Tatum my car started acting funny. I started swerving real bad and then i heard a loud thump thump thump. I had a freaking blow out! I was the last n line and the girls kept going. My cell phone didn't work and there were NO cars around. I was scared shitless. Lexi finally came back and we started getting my spare out. 2 cars passed by and neither one stopped to help. Finally a guy and a girl stopped and the guy helped me change it. Megan and Steve finally came back. After the guy changed it we were able to get back on the road but since i was driving on a spare i couldn't go very fast. So with the rain and the tire it took us 6 hours to get home when it should have only taken us 4!! I was so ready to get out of that car!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I hate being a grown up

So i went to the dentist yesterday and i have to have a root canal. Since i don't have insurance it is going to cost me $1200!!!! Can you freaking believe that? Who has $1200 just sitting in the bank to be used on a single tooth?? I guess this is why people have insurance huh ?
I'll be looking into health insurance as soon as possible.

I was supposed to go see Chriselda this past weekend but my freakin tooth wouldn't cooperate. I was so bummed!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's 9:34am and i'm at the office. I'll be here till 5pm. BLAH. When i get off work i'm going to Kasey & Brents. We are leaving right when i get there for SAN ANTONIO!!!! I can't wait! This day is going to drag on forever! Tomorrow is Kasey's 22nd birthday. We are going to float the river. Monday we are probably going to the lake (something i've never done before). Tuesday we are going to schlitterbahn. I've never been. I'm way excited! After today i don't have to be back in the office until till Thursday! YAY!!!!!!!!
This is Kasey & Brent. This picture was taken in San Antonio last year on Labor day. They are 2 of my favorite people. We have so much fun together and they never make me feel like the 3rd wheel! I know this trip won't be any different !

I road on the back of a motorcycle for the first time lastnight. It was SO much fun! I'm hooked. My husband better have a motorcycle, if he doesn't i'll make him buy one :)

I went to my parents house the other day and my oldest sister and her 2 kids were there. I noticed my neice, Kelbey wasn't matching but i didn't say anything about it. Kayla told us that that morning when Kelbey was picking out clothes she already had her shirt on and she was looking for some shorts. She pulled one pair out of her drawer and she asked Kayla if they matched her shirt. Kayla said "yes they do" and Kelbey put them back. She pulled out another pair and asked Kayla the same thing and Kayla answered that yes they matched. Kelbey put them back. She pulled out yet another pair and Kayla said "no those don't match". Kelbey put them on and said "i'm not going to match today" She was wearing a shirt that had pink, purple and yellow stripes with red shorts and Kim Possible flip flops.
When Kayla was done telling us the story Kelbey said "I don't like matching" Kayla said " i don't care if you don't match during the week but on church days you HAVE to match" Kelbey said "ok on church days i'll match but those are the only days" that girl cracks me up. She's only 4 and she acts like she's so much older! Kelbey went off into the living room and my dad came back in the dining room laughing. He said Kelbey was wearing a yellow bracelet and she took it off and said "oops it matches my shirt i can't wear this". There is never a dull moment with her!

It's only 9:49. It feels like i've been here for 2 hours! Lordy this day will never end!

This is my nephew, Casey. I can't believe he's getting so big! He's 8 years old now. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at my parents house. He is sitting in a swing that is hung in a tree. I put that swing there when i was probably 10. I used to sit in it and read. He loves to sit up there!
I love this picture of Casey. I'm not real sure what he's doing. I think he's in the middle of talking.

I am so glad that Taylor Hicks won American Idol!!! I loved the finale! It was great!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

UGH How did this happen????

I cannot believe that Chris got voted off!! He was my FAVORITE!!! How the hell is Elliott still there and Chris got voted off?!?! I just don't understand!!
Did y'all see his face when Ryan told him he was going home? He was SHOCKED ! So was Kat. Simon & Paula didn't look too happy either. A friend of mine was listening to the radio this morning and a lady called in and said she tried to vote for Chris lastnight and it said the line was "Disconnected" WTF ?
Chris so should have been the next American Idol!
I'm so pissed!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

This is what my Saturday consists of....
1. The book i started reading today On The Doorstep.... It's a Christian romance book.
2. My water that i've been trying to make myself drink but it's just not happening
3. My ipod and ihome that Chriselda gave me! WOO HOO!! She's the best!
You can see my lovely phone in the background that i get to answer.

We aren't supposed to use the computer at work for personal stuff anymore but i'm WAY bored today.

Why are girls such bitches ?? Lastnight i went to a cookout at a friends house and this girl came over to meet up with one of my guy friends. It was her first time to meet the whole group, well she ended up ignoring him all night and she left with one of his friends!! I can't believe that!
That just made me remember a conversation i had with Chriselda once "They could have at least gone to a different room!!!! " remember that ??
Poor guy.

I have a question, why do i attract all the weird guys?!? Seriously, it seems like there's more weird guys out there then normal guys. Is there such a thing as a normal guy ? Lexi and i were having one of our fabulous random conversations the other night while sitting on the porch. I told her that even if i did want a boyfriend there's not one that i've met that i would actually date. I then proceeded to tell Lexi that she can't get a boyfriend because i'm selfish and i want her all to myself. So we are going to grow old together and sit on our front porch in our rocking chairs sipping lemonade. I can't wait till 5pm and i can go home and take a nice LONG nap!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

So yeah, found out lastnight that pyscho boy works at Walmart. He works the graveyard shift. I guess iwon't be going to walmart after 11pm. My friend Lexi had to go there lastnight to get something for school and she called me and said that he works there and he hugged her and asked how she was and stuff. I wonder if he knows we're friends? Probably not.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My life is so boring.....

So Chriselda told me that i'm slacking in the blogging, but i don't think anyone actually reads this besides her. But oh well!

I went a couple of days without the crazy guy calling and he called me 3 times today!
The first time he said something like "you didn't come over' or something like that. Then the second time he said 'Don't come to Walmart until after 11" umm ok whatever that's supposed to mean. I didn't answer it the 3rd time. This guy is crazy, i guess he likes hearing the sound of my voice, i mean who wouldn't ?

Today was Administrative Proffesionals Appreciation day. We went to lunch at the countyr club and then our boss gave us the rest of the day off! WOO HOO!! It made my day. I went to the scrapbook store and yes Chriselda i actually did some pages. I go through spurts...... Leave me alone.

The UPS man who delivers to us at work has a crush on me...
This was our conversation
Him : Does your boyfriend tell you everyday how beautiful you are?
Me: I don't have a boyfriend
Him: Are you taking applications??
Me : Boyfriends are more trouble then their worth
Him : Not if you pick the right one
I just laughed, i didn't know what else to say. LOL . He eventually left. I thought he got the hint but oh no , the next day he was back at it again

Him: Good morning sunshine
Me: Good morning
Him: So have you thought about it ?
Me: Thought about what?
Him :About us
I just laughed
Him : How about some dinner?
Me: I'm not into the whole dating scene right now
Him : Well a girl's got to eat
I laughed again
Him: Tell you what, you let me know when you get hungry
The next day i saw him drive up and told my sister to watch the phones and i ran to the bathroom.....

Friday, April 21, 2006


So over a year ago my room mate's ex boyfriend started calling me and my ex boyfriend non stop and hanging up(blocking his number of course). It got to where he was calling 20 times a day. Sometimes he'd whisper stuff like "i know where you are" and stuff like that. Well i finally had enough and went down to the police station and filed a report. They went and talked to him and i didn't hear from him for a little while. A couple of months later the calls started again and i called his house number and left a message on his machine saying i was going to go to the cops again if he didn't quit calling me. I think he quit after that. A little later he called me from a 325 number and said he was sorry for everything he did and he was getting help and blah blah blah. I told him i forgave him and wished him the best of luck. Well this morning my cell phone rings and it sais "unknown"i answer it not thinking anything and the caller hangs up. Well like 10 seconds later Brandon (my ex boyfriend) calls and asks if he had called me i said i got an unkown call and he said "yeah so did i " about 10 min. later i got another call but he didn't let it ring long enough. HAHAHA I just thought of something, my answer tone is "Girls Just want to have fun" I wonder if he got confused.... he's not that bright to know that it's just a ringer. HAHAHAHAHAHA
I thought all this was over and in the past but i guess not. He's called twice today..... Like i don't have ENOUGH drama in my life.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm in love with a stripper

not really but i thought i'd share a funny story..

Lastnight i went to the gym with my sister and this guy walked by and smiled. I told my sister that he looked really familiar. She started laughing and said "Hmmm well i've heard he is a stripper" LMAO. I told her i've never seen one. Which i haven't. I thought that was hilarious.
Just had to share.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

There's nothing like running into an ex when you least expect it. Hmmm yes lastnight was akward but oh well i lived.

It is 4:16pm i get off work in 44 minutes but who's counting right? It's flippin cold outside. I hate cold weather!! I have no idea what i am doing tonight. I don't have any plans as of right now. Megan & Lexi both have to work. BOO.
I really don't have anything interesting to write. I just thought i would to pass some time before i can go home!! I'm in need of a nap. I only got about 3 hours of sleep. BLAH.
I've got to stop doing that!!
We had fun lastnight though. Lexi actually went out with us. We danced in this little hole in the wall bar where everyone there was old enough to be our grandpas but it was alot of fun.

I need some Chriselda time!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

You know what i just realized?? The question that says "What is your favorite food" on those survey's i fill out i always put Steak but yet, i hardly ever eat steak. I eat Italian food at least twice a week but i never mention Italian on those surveys. Hmm.... In 2 weeks i went to carinos once, Fazolis once and olive garden twice and i believe we ordered pizza in between there. Today Lexi and i are going to Carinos to eat.....hmmmmmm

I'm so proud of Chriselda for getting the lead female role!! I am totally stoked for her. I'll be there with tomatoes err i mean flowers.

Lastnight i went to Hooters with Kasey & Brent for $1 beer night and to eat some fried pickles. I got hit on by an old dude and he slapped by butt. Seriously do old men think we enjoy that?? I sure as heck dont! He had gray hair! He was old enough to be my dad! eeee

Tonight i'm meeting Kasey & Brent at Texas Roadhouse for happy hour. They are going out of town tomorrow for a little romantic getaway (gag).

I never thought i'd say this, but i miss my long(er) hair. It was long to me because it was the longest i'd had it since i was like 10.

So which hairstyle do y'all like better?

1. or 2 ?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Hump Day!

Ok Angieoh! requested that i come back because she misses my funny stories... i never knew that i was funny.
I don't think i have any funny stories to tell. If you want to read about my weekend then go look at Chriseldas blog. I got a call from her Monday night and she said that her and Jessica decided that i was moving to Amarillo. She was going to put Laken's crip in her room and i could have his room. HAHA. Funny girl.

So my valentines day was ok i guess. My brother n law brought me a single red rose and a card talking about being his "sister" I thought that was really sweet. Then Kasey brought me a 3 flowers, a red heart balloon and a card talking about being single. I loved it. It was perefect. Megan(my room mate) called and said her battery was dead in her car and she has asked several people at the school and no one has jumper cables. So i had to drive 30 min. to Levelland (where she goes to college) and try to boost her car. I don't know a darned thing about cars. We couldn't get it boosted so we asked a guy if he knew how to boost a car he said no. What kind of guy doesn't know how to boost a car??? We finally found a guy and he said he'd help. Well it STILL wouldn't boost. So we flagged down the campus police and he got it boosted. So we went back to the house. She had to be at work at 7 and it was 6pm by this time. I ordered italian food (the delivery guy was probably like "how pathetic, this girl is sitting at home all alone on V-day but i enjoyed it !). I watched The 40 year old virgin "I need some effin french toast" Megan got home and we watched American Idol. Then she left to go to a party. Seriously, who has parties on a Tuesday night?? Oh yeah , college kids who can sleep all day long that's who. I went to bed. I was tired but i didn't sleep well AT ALL. I don't know what the deal was.
I'm not sure what i'm doing tonight, One Tree Hill & American Idol come on ! YAY!!
It hasn't even been a week and i want to go back to Amarillo......

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm going to see Chriselda tonight!! WOO HOO!! I'm leaving town at 8 i should be there by 10. I'm sure we'll have pictures to show all of y'all!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006