Friday, July 14, 2006

My trip to Ruidoso

Lexi and i left town Friday afternoon. Megan was already in Ruidoso. It's a 4 hour trip. Lexi got bored so she decided to play with the camera

We got to Ruidoso around 6:30pm NM time Megan's whole family was sitting on the porch
waiting for us. We said our hellos, fixed our plates and the family told us they were going to the casino and they'd see us later. We were like what?!?! So we ate and talked to Megan for awhile then Lexi and i decided to go to the casino. It was Lexi's first time so she played some slots and she learned how to play roulette. We had alot of fun. We got hit on at the bar by an old fat guy. That was funny..... he gave us his number....
We got back to the house Megan and her parents were already in the hot tub so we went and changed in our swimsuits and joined them. Megan had too many tequila shots and ended up getting REALLY drunk and sick. Lexi and i were up with her until 4:30am We took some funny pictures but i can't show those on here, haha.
Saturday we got up and went to lunch with Aunt KK. After lunch we went to a store to do some shopping. We went back to the house Lexi and i decided to go to the horseraces. Megan still wasn't feeling good so she said she was going to stay at the house and sleep.
Lexi and i had SO much fun!!

These are the guys that were helping us bet. We ended up hanging out with them
for about 3 hours after the races ended.
From there we went to Casa Blanca where Brad & Ruth (Paps' neighbors) were playing in
a band. We had alot of fun there. We pushed some tables out of the way and made our own dance floor. It was a blast. The band told us later that we were the ones that were entertaining them instead of the other way around.

Here's Lexi and Megan taking a break from dancing.

This was Sunday morning on our way to breakfast.
After breakfast we went back to the house and took an hour nap before getting on the road.
I drove my car, Lexi was driving Megans and Megan was driving Steve's. Steve is Papa's friend and he just had heart surgery and couldn't drive back home so Megan drove his car.
The weather was bright and sunny when we left Ruidoso. 20 min. out it started POURING!
I couldn't see at all. It scared the shit out of me. I was so afriad i was going to hit Lexi. There was no way we could pull over so we had to keep going. A little way later it started HAILING! We were finally able to pull over on the side of the road. We waited a couple of min. and it let up. We went a couple of miles and it started hailing again so off to the side of the road we went. I was thinking "Great at this rate it's going to take us all day to get home". It finally quit hailing so we started again. Then it stopped raining and there wasn't a wet spot to be found.
I had my ipod hooked up but i was getting good reception. Another song kept breaking in. I was like what the heck. I heard an old country song then Britney spears Crazy but it was a different version. Then i heard A spoonfull of sugar and i thought 'radio stations don't play disney songs!" then i heard another old country song. I was really confused by now. Then Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpsons version of A whole new world came on and it finally clicked. My car was picking up Lexi's ipod. It was the funniest thing. So i just turned my ipod off and listened to hers the whole way. About 15 min outside of Tatum my car started acting funny. I started swerving real bad and then i heard a loud thump thump thump. I had a freaking blow out! I was the last n line and the girls kept going. My cell phone didn't work and there were NO cars around. I was scared shitless. Lexi finally came back and we started getting my spare out. 2 cars passed by and neither one stopped to help. Finally a guy and a girl stopped and the guy helped me change it. Megan and Steve finally came back. After the guy changed it we were able to get back on the road but since i was driving on a spare i couldn't go very fast. So with the rain and the tire it took us 6 hours to get home when it should have only taken us 4!! I was so ready to get out of that car!