Sunday, April 27, 2008

I can't make this stuff up.....

Mom, Kayla, Kelbey, Shonda & Sherilyn and i went to Amarillo this weekend for Brandy's shower. I took my own car since i was going to be staying with Chriselda. I dropped Riley off at Megan's house and headed out. Sherilyn had texted me and said that the cops were out pretty bad so to be careful. So i'm driving along and i see this cop ahead pulled over to the side of the road so i switch lanes and keep going. The cop is in the right lane a little ahead of me and i see him look at me from his rearview mirror well he slowed down and got behind me and put his lights on. I already knew what he was pulling me over for. My dang license plate isn't on the front of my car! So he comes to my car and says why he stopped me i said my room mate knocked it off. He asked for my license and insurance and asked which address was correct. Blah blah blah.
Then he said he was going to need me to go to his car with him. i was like oh crap. So i get out and stand in front of his car. He gets in and motions for me to get in too. He starts messing with his computer and he said "do you have any open containers in your car? I said "no" he said 'has any of your friends had any in your car in the past couple of days?" i said 'No" which is the truth. I don't take alchohol in my car cause that's just stupid. He said "well there is an odor of alchohol coming from your car" i said "what?" he said 'I smelled it, i'm going to need to search your car" i said 'it's messy" he said "i don't care' so i gave him my keys and he went and searched my car. Of course he found nothing. He came back and started asking me all sorts of questions. He asked why i had the gray thing on my keychain i said it's to get into the office. He said "oh i have one too i was just wondering why you had one, where do you work ?" i said 'coldwell banker" he said "how old are you?" i said '24" then he asked where i was going why i was going was i spending the night blah blah blah. Then he gave me a warning and i went on my merry way. I have no idea why he was asking me all those questions but it disturbed me.
I got to Amarillo and met up with Chriselda. She was doing a session. After that we went and picked up chic fil a and took it back to her apartment. I watched her edit pictures and we watched like 6 episodes of Sex and the city on her laptop (because she doesn't have a tv... what kind of person doesn't have a tv??? haha) We stayed up till like 3am doing that. Saturday i had to go to the shower and then i went to eat at Texas Roadhouse with the family. I was going to stay in Amarillo and hang out with Chriselda but i decided to go on home.

I'm at Karen's house now... I rented Mario Party & Mario Kart for the wii. I don't really understand mario party. it's kind of stupid but whatever. I went outside with Christian and took some pictures of him. He is Karen's 4 year old son.
Don't let the innocent look fool you.... hehe.

Here is Rylea, Karen's 8 year old daughter. She thinks it's funny that her and my dog have the same name. haha

Karen was there too... she was just studying.

Well that's all i have for now. I don't want to work tomorrow. Mondays always suck!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wii night

Tuesday night Corri and i went to Jennifer & Michael's to have a wii/girl night. We went to eat at Ruby Tequilas.
That was a huge Taco!

We stayed there for a little while and had girl talk. Michael was with us. I told him he's one of the girls. Haha. After that we went to Jennifer's to play the wii. We played Mario olympics. That was alot of fun.

I have one question.... where the heck did my butt go ? I used to have a big butt! Oh yeah, Chriselda GIVE ME MY BUTT BACK!

Yesterday was secretary day or administrative day i don't know. Something like that
We went to eat at the Lakeridge Country club. They gave us the rest of the day off. WOO HOO!! I went home and watched tv for a bit then i went and rented Mario Olympics and took it to Karen's. We then decided we needed a 3rd controller so i took Karen's kids with me to Walmart to pick one up so Karen could study for a little bit. We ended up playing Mario Olympics for a few hours and today i am SORE! It's kind of embarrassing to admit it but i feel like i've worked out. HAHAHA. We didn't take any pictures lastnight. Kellen told me if i got out the camera he was leaving. I think i'm going back over there tonight to play the wii. Hi my name is Brynne and i'm a wii addict.

I had lunch with Karen today. We went to Chilis. I hadn't been there in awhile.
I paid with a $100 bill and the waiter took forever to bring me my change. When he came back he had all 1's and 5's! if i had time i would have just told him to forget it and run my card but i was running late. So now it looks like i work at a strip joint.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Picture overload........

Friday night we went to a fundraiser for Casey's school. Before the whole thing even started we had taken about 50 pictures. We were doing "expressions" haha. Can i just say that i have the FUNNIEST family ever???

Seriously it doesn't funnier then us.

Sherilyn came over yesterday around 3 and left around 8. We introduced her to David Cook :) I let her watch Tuesday nights performance "Always be my baby" She fell in love. We might have to fight for him.

Shu and i played Donkey Kong Country for like 4 hours. HAHAHA she's not so good at it.

Today we had lunch at mom's as usual... Daddy & Steve were MIA. Poor Casey was the only boy.

Daddy went to Arizona for a managers meeting and he went White Water rafting. I wish i could have seen that. Here are some pics from today.....

my baby boy isn't a baby anymore :( When did he get to be so big ?

She is such a ham :)

Well that's all i got for now... COMMENT!

Yep, my dad's a pimp.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It was a bust

Lastnight i tried to take Meg & Kort's pictures but it was too dadgum windy so we gave up and went to eat at Applebees. It was so cold outside, my hands were shaking, my eyes were watering and my hair was in my face. We're going to try again on a better day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I got my camera! WOO HOO!!!! I'm totally excited about that.

I'm going to take Meg & Kort's pictures again tonight. I did about a month ago and they want more so they'll have a variety. But i really don't know what the heck i'm doing. LOL

They are getting married August 23rd (mom's birthday) in Ruidoso. WOO HOO!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lesson learned......

I went to the grocery store and i hadn't eaten anything all day.... not a good idea. My total was $120.... i'm the only one going to be eating the food! So take my advice, don't go to the grocery store when you're hungry. I bought a roast. I found a recipe for the crockpot and i'm going to try it out. I didn't wake up early enough to do it this morning though, i had sales meeting at 8am (which i went to by the way, haha).

Friday Christian had to have surgey so i went to Karen's house Friday night for a little bit. I took Alvin and the chipmunks over there and we watched that. I walked in the house and Karen's grandma said "you must be GrannyB i've heard alot about you" hahahahaha. I went back over there Sunday afternoon and i had rented Bee Movie for Christian they watched that in the bedroom while Karen, Megan and i talked.
Lexi came over lastnight and we watched 2 episodes of One Tree Hill. We have about 10 more to go. Pathetic i know. The season will be over and we'll still be catching up.
Did anyone watch Rock of Love ??? I was SO glad that Brett picked Ambre. I couldn't stay Daisy. Her arms flailing everywhere and her annoying voice made me wanna cringe everytime.
Oh and there's one thing i'd like to tell her "LAY OFF THE PLASTIC SURGERY!!!"
I've decided when i get the rest of my tax money i'm buying a Wii. I think that money should be here in May?? Yep i'm totally buying a wii. I'm blaming it on Cyndi and Jayson.
Well it's time for lunch so that's all i've got for now.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Shonda told me my last post wasn't a REAL post so i guess i'll give y'all a REAL post...

Not alot has been going on. Work has kicked my butt this past week. Sometimes i don't get out of here until 6:30 sometimes 7:00.

I don't know what i'm doing this weekend. Probably hanging out at Karens as usual. Haha.

I'm still waiting on my camera to come in. I asked G the other day about it and he called them and they finally confirmed payment after what, 2 weeks? BOOOOOO

I've been hanging out with Karen ALOT. Her kids make me laugh. Lastnight Christian decided he wanted to "fight" so he put gloves on and gave me oven mits. So we started "fighting" and he said "bring it on oldilocks" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just about died laughing. On Hannah Montana Jackson calls Billy Ray "oldilocks". Christian cracks me up.

I've gotten addicted to CSI on the Wii. I played it for 5 hours on Sunday afternoon while Karen studied. I seriously need a wii... anyone want to buy me one ? I guess i need a sugar daddy also.

It's hard to believe this is the person who i never got along with, who would push my head into the wall, tell me to wait till mom left because i was going to "get it", who would play dead and make me cry because she thought it was funny and now many years later we are best friends. She makes me laugh, there is never a dull moment with her. You never know what she's going to say next there's not a filter on her mouth. HAHAHAHAHA.

I seriously don't know what i'd do without this girl. We say all the time that we were meant to be friends. We have the best times just sitting in her garage talking until 3:30am. I can talk to her about ANYTHING. I probably tell her more then she wants to know and she still loves me. We haven't been friends for even a year but she's seriously like a sister to me. My family has adopted her into the family.. like dad says she's a "sista from anotha mista".

Well that's all i've got for now. I'll post more later... i know y'all can't wait!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Since everyone else is doing it.....

I might as well start blogging again.... I started this blog a long time ago when i was a nerd (because i'm not anymore right?) and was keeping up with friends from the scrapbooking website then i just stopped blogging. So i guess since all my sisters started one i might as well pick it up again right? But...... i'm going to lunch so you'll have to wait for a REAL post...