Sunday, April 20, 2008

Picture overload........

Friday night we went to a fundraiser for Casey's school. Before the whole thing even started we had taken about 50 pictures. We were doing "expressions" haha. Can i just say that i have the FUNNIEST family ever???

Seriously it doesn't funnier then us.

Sherilyn came over yesterday around 3 and left around 8. We introduced her to David Cook :) I let her watch Tuesday nights performance "Always be my baby" She fell in love. We might have to fight for him.

Shu and i played Donkey Kong Country for like 4 hours. HAHAHA she's not so good at it.

Today we had lunch at mom's as usual... Daddy & Steve were MIA. Poor Casey was the only boy.

Daddy went to Arizona for a managers meeting and he went White Water rafting. I wish i could have seen that. Here are some pics from today.....

my baby boy isn't a baby anymore :( When did he get to be so big ?

She is such a ham :)

Well that's all i got for now... COMMENT!

Yep, my dad's a pimp.


Freebird1079 said...

Yeah, so we rock.. I am hott, and funny, and AMAZING!!!! You are okay, I guess. LOL! :-) DONKEY KONG RULEZ... And no, you can't have David Cook. He's all mine biatch! LOL!!