Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wii night

Tuesday night Corri and i went to Jennifer & Michael's to have a wii/girl night. We went to eat at Ruby Tequilas.
That was a huge Taco!

We stayed there for a little while and had girl talk. Michael was with us. I told him he's one of the girls. Haha. After that we went to Jennifer's to play the wii. We played Mario olympics. That was alot of fun.

I have one question.... where the heck did my butt go ? I used to have a big butt! Oh yeah, Chriselda GIVE ME MY BUTT BACK!

Yesterday was secretary day or administrative day i don't know. Something like that
We went to eat at the Lakeridge Country club. They gave us the rest of the day off. WOO HOO!! I went home and watched tv for a bit then i went and rented Mario Olympics and took it to Karen's. We then decided we needed a 3rd controller so i took Karen's kids with me to Walmart to pick one up so Karen could study for a little bit. We ended up playing Mario Olympics for a few hours and today i am SORE! It's kind of embarrassing to admit it but i feel like i've worked out. HAHAHA. We didn't take any pictures lastnight. Kellen told me if i got out the camera he was leaving. I think i'm going back over there tonight to play the wii. Hi my name is Brynne and i'm a wii addict.

I had lunch with Karen today. We went to Chilis. I hadn't been there in awhile.
I paid with a $100 bill and the waiter took forever to bring me my change. When he came back he had all 1's and 5's! if i had time i would have just told him to forget it and run my card but i was running late. So now it looks like i work at a strip joint.


Shortie said...

Hi my name is Karen I am also a Wii addict.
Are we starting our own support group now? LOL
By the way thanks for tipping me at lunch today. I knew I worked hard. mmmmmmmmmm

Freebird1079 said...

You and Cyndi and Jayson can go to WAA when they get here.. Wii Addict Anonymous. LOL! :-) Y'all are a bunch of dorks.... Oh well! You are awesome. Love ya hooker....

Mandy said...

I love wii!!! Have you played guitar hero? It's so addicting once you get into it! I also LOVE mario galaxy!!!!!! Yeah for wii!!!

The old married woman said...

HA. WAA. Sherilyn's a dork! We can't help it that we're cool with the wii. Jayson made me sing Tainted Love on American Idol Karaoke last night. I thought of y'all the whole time!

Chriselda said...

i am sooooo glad you're here with me!