Sunday, April 27, 2008

I can't make this stuff up.....

Mom, Kayla, Kelbey, Shonda & Sherilyn and i went to Amarillo this weekend for Brandy's shower. I took my own car since i was going to be staying with Chriselda. I dropped Riley off at Megan's house and headed out. Sherilyn had texted me and said that the cops were out pretty bad so to be careful. So i'm driving along and i see this cop ahead pulled over to the side of the road so i switch lanes and keep going. The cop is in the right lane a little ahead of me and i see him look at me from his rearview mirror well he slowed down and got behind me and put his lights on. I already knew what he was pulling me over for. My dang license plate isn't on the front of my car! So he comes to my car and says why he stopped me i said my room mate knocked it off. He asked for my license and insurance and asked which address was correct. Blah blah blah.
Then he said he was going to need me to go to his car with him. i was like oh crap. So i get out and stand in front of his car. He gets in and motions for me to get in too. He starts messing with his computer and he said "do you have any open containers in your car? I said "no" he said 'has any of your friends had any in your car in the past couple of days?" i said 'No" which is the truth. I don't take alchohol in my car cause that's just stupid. He said "well there is an odor of alchohol coming from your car" i said "what?" he said 'I smelled it, i'm going to need to search your car" i said 'it's messy" he said "i don't care' so i gave him my keys and he went and searched my car. Of course he found nothing. He came back and started asking me all sorts of questions. He asked why i had the gray thing on my keychain i said it's to get into the office. He said "oh i have one too i was just wondering why you had one, where do you work ?" i said 'coldwell banker" he said "how old are you?" i said '24" then he asked where i was going why i was going was i spending the night blah blah blah. Then he gave me a warning and i went on my merry way. I have no idea why he was asking me all those questions but it disturbed me.
I got to Amarillo and met up with Chriselda. She was doing a session. After that we went and picked up chic fil a and took it back to her apartment. I watched her edit pictures and we watched like 6 episodes of Sex and the city on her laptop (because she doesn't have a tv... what kind of person doesn't have a tv??? haha) We stayed up till like 3am doing that. Saturday i had to go to the shower and then i went to eat at Texas Roadhouse with the family. I was going to stay in Amarillo and hang out with Chriselda but i decided to go on home.

I'm at Karen's house now... I rented Mario Party & Mario Kart for the wii. I don't really understand mario party. it's kind of stupid but whatever. I went outside with Christian and took some pictures of him. He is Karen's 4 year old son.
Don't let the innocent look fool you.... hehe.

Here is Rylea, Karen's 8 year old daughter. She thinks it's funny that her and my dog have the same name. haha

Karen was there too... she was just studying.

Well that's all i have for now. I don't want to work tomorrow. Mondays always suck!


The old married woman said...

Shu Shu's hair is so sexy! And what is up with that cop?! He probably wanted you. Speaking of LOVE, Adam already has a girlfriend...he's been home less than a week. LOL.

Freebird1079 said...

That is hilarious... I really do wish I would have ridden w/ you up there! LOL! LOL! It would have been way more fun and I could have taken pictures! LOL! :-) You are awesome... So am I.. that's why I am so dang hott in that picture! :-)

Jenn Possible said...

What kind of freaky "A" cop was that?? That is ABSOLUTELY bi-zarre!

Maybe he was lonely, doesn't have any friends...was out on the road in the heat for too long...i dunno.


This is the kind of story that bad horror movies start out with...

Chriselda said...

ummm. i am still pissy that you left town. argh.

anyway, i was gonna tell you today that in two more weeks... bring on the gumbo! wooohooo!

oh and... i'm gonna email your sister about pics of Kelby.

btw - it's perfectly normal to not have a tv.

Freebird1079 said...

Yeah, so UPDATE NOW! :-)

Wouldn't you like to know said...

UPDATE. Please & thank you.