Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Hump Day!

Ok Angieoh! requested that i come back because she misses my funny stories... i never knew that i was funny.
I don't think i have any funny stories to tell. If you want to read about my weekend then go look at Chriseldas blog. I got a call from her Monday night and she said that her and Jessica decided that i was moving to Amarillo. She was going to put Laken's crip in her room and i could have his room. HAHA. Funny girl.

So my valentines day was ok i guess. My brother n law brought me a single red rose and a card talking about being his "sister" I thought that was really sweet. Then Kasey brought me a 3 flowers, a red heart balloon and a card talking about being single. I loved it. It was perefect. Megan(my room mate) called and said her battery was dead in her car and she has asked several people at the school and no one has jumper cables. So i had to drive 30 min. to Levelland (where she goes to college) and try to boost her car. I don't know a darned thing about cars. We couldn't get it boosted so we asked a guy if he knew how to boost a car he said no. What kind of guy doesn't know how to boost a car??? We finally found a guy and he said he'd help. Well it STILL wouldn't boost. So we flagged down the campus police and he got it boosted. So we went back to the house. She had to be at work at 7 and it was 6pm by this time. I ordered italian food (the delivery guy was probably like "how pathetic, this girl is sitting at home all alone on V-day but i enjoyed it !). I watched The 40 year old virgin "I need some effin french toast" Megan got home and we watched American Idol. Then she left to go to a party. Seriously, who has parties on a Tuesday night?? Oh yeah , college kids who can sleep all day long that's who. I went to bed. I was tired but i didn't sleep well AT ALL. I don't know what the deal was.
I'm not sure what i'm doing tonight, One Tree Hill & American Idol come on ! YAY!!
It hasn't even been a week and i want to go back to Amarillo......


Chris-el-da said...

and amarillo wants you to come back!
i am soooo glad you came and still talking about it today.
but that's ok cause so is jessica!
and you can get a job in banking here!
i know how to jump a car.
and change a flat too
and the brakes
and the oil

we miss you - and amy responded to you on my blog too! why don't you amy and jessica just get a room already?!

angieoh! said...

Sounds like you had a more exciting Valentines Day than me, I just sat at my house and watched tv. I am so lame! So glad you are back to your blog!!!