Saturday, February 18, 2006

There's nothing like running into an ex when you least expect it. Hmmm yes lastnight was akward but oh well i lived.

It is 4:16pm i get off work in 44 minutes but who's counting right? It's flippin cold outside. I hate cold weather!! I have no idea what i am doing tonight. I don't have any plans as of right now. Megan & Lexi both have to work. BOO.
I really don't have anything interesting to write. I just thought i would to pass some time before i can go home!! I'm in need of a nap. I only got about 3 hours of sleep. BLAH.
I've got to stop doing that!!
We had fun lastnight though. Lexi actually went out with us. We danced in this little hole in the wall bar where everyone there was old enough to be our grandpas but it was alot of fun.

I need some Chriselda time!!!!


Chris-el-da said...

i'm beginning to think that you DO love me!
i miss you too!
come back

angieoh! said...

brynne, since it was like twenty degrees below zero here in Wisconsin, I don't want to hear it about the cold...brrrrr! :)

nadine jenine said... old was your ex!!!!!

Brynne said...

LOL Nadine...ok not EVERY guy was old enough to be our grandpas. There were a couple of younger guys.