Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm in love with a stripper

not really but i thought i'd share a funny story..

Lastnight i went to the gym with my sister and this guy walked by and smiled. I told my sister that he looked really familiar. She started laughing and said "Hmmm well i've heard he is a stripper" LMAO. I told her i've never seen one. Which i haven't. I thought that was hilarious.
Just had to share.


Chris-el-da said...

i hate that song
and almost hate you for reminding me it exists
now go get your nappy roots did and come see me already!
love ya girl!!!
even though you like taylor hicks

angieoh! said...

Well maybe you have run into him at the gym before??? hmm something more simple but I do think it is hilarious that you "have seen before" a stripper... hey now you must be more curious!