Friday, April 21, 2006


So over a year ago my room mate's ex boyfriend started calling me and my ex boyfriend non stop and hanging up(blocking his number of course). It got to where he was calling 20 times a day. Sometimes he'd whisper stuff like "i know where you are" and stuff like that. Well i finally had enough and went down to the police station and filed a report. They went and talked to him and i didn't hear from him for a little while. A couple of months later the calls started again and i called his house number and left a message on his machine saying i was going to go to the cops again if he didn't quit calling me. I think he quit after that. A little later he called me from a 325 number and said he was sorry for everything he did and he was getting help and blah blah blah. I told him i forgave him and wished him the best of luck. Well this morning my cell phone rings and it sais "unknown"i answer it not thinking anything and the caller hangs up. Well like 10 seconds later Brandon (my ex boyfriend) calls and asks if he had called me i said i got an unkown call and he said "yeah so did i " about 10 min. later i got another call but he didn't let it ring long enough. HAHAHA I just thought of something, my answer tone is "Girls Just want to have fun" I wonder if he got confused.... he's not that bright to know that it's just a ringer. HAHAHAHAHAHA
I thought all this was over and in the past but i guess not. He's called twice today..... Like i don't have ENOUGH drama in my life.


Chris-el-da said...

maybe he's not stalking you
maybe he's paying really close attention!!!