Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My life is so boring.....

So Chriselda told me that i'm slacking in the blogging, but i don't think anyone actually reads this besides her. But oh well!

I went a couple of days without the crazy guy calling and he called me 3 times today!
The first time he said something like "you didn't come over' or something like that. Then the second time he said 'Don't come to Walmart until after 11" umm ok whatever that's supposed to mean. I didn't answer it the 3rd time. This guy is crazy, i guess he likes hearing the sound of my voice, i mean who wouldn't ?

Today was Administrative Proffesionals Appreciation day. We went to lunch at the countyr club and then our boss gave us the rest of the day off! WOO HOO!! It made my day. I went to the scrapbook store and yes Chriselda i actually did some pages. I go through spurts...... Leave me alone.

The UPS man who delivers to us at work has a crush on me...
This was our conversation
Him : Does your boyfriend tell you everyday how beautiful you are?
Me: I don't have a boyfriend
Him: Are you taking applications??
Me : Boyfriends are more trouble then their worth
Him : Not if you pick the right one
I just laughed, i didn't know what else to say. LOL . He eventually left. I thought he got the hint but oh no , the next day he was back at it again

Him: Good morning sunshine
Me: Good morning
Him: So have you thought about it ?
Me: Thought about what?
Him :About us
I just laughed
Him : How about some dinner?
Me: I'm not into the whole dating scene right now
Him : Well a girl's got to eat
I laughed again
Him: Tell you what, you let me know when you get hungry
The next day i saw him drive up and told my sister to watch the phones and i ran to the bathroom.....


Chris-el-da said...

maybe if you read other people's blogs... you'd get some lovin. but no... you have to lurk!