Saturday, May 06, 2006

This is what my Saturday consists of....
1. The book i started reading today On The Doorstep.... It's a Christian romance book.
2. My water that i've been trying to make myself drink but it's just not happening
3. My ipod and ihome that Chriselda gave me! WOO HOO!! She's the best!
You can see my lovely phone in the background that i get to answer.

We aren't supposed to use the computer at work for personal stuff anymore but i'm WAY bored today.

Why are girls such bitches ?? Lastnight i went to a cookout at a friends house and this girl came over to meet up with one of my guy friends. It was her first time to meet the whole group, well she ended up ignoring him all night and she left with one of his friends!! I can't believe that!
That just made me remember a conversation i had with Chriselda once "They could have at least gone to a different room!!!! " remember that ??
Poor guy.

I have a question, why do i attract all the weird guys?!? Seriously, it seems like there's more weird guys out there then normal guys. Is there such a thing as a normal guy ? Lexi and i were having one of our fabulous random conversations the other night while sitting on the porch. I told her that even if i did want a boyfriend there's not one that i've met that i would actually date. I then proceeded to tell Lexi that she can't get a boyfriend because i'm selfish and i want her all to myself. So we are going to grow old together and sit on our front porch in our rocking chairs sipping lemonade. I can't wait till 5pm and i can go home and take a nice LONG nap!


Chris-el-da said...

i want that dock back! i'm an indian giver. "corporate accounts payable, this is Brynne speaking... JUST a moment"

gawd i miss you
come back!

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