Thursday, May 11, 2006

UGH How did this happen????

I cannot believe that Chris got voted off!! He was my FAVORITE!!! How the hell is Elliott still there and Chris got voted off?!?! I just don't understand!!
Did y'all see his face when Ryan told him he was going home? He was SHOCKED ! So was Kat. Simon & Paula didn't look too happy either. A friend of mine was listening to the radio this morning and a lady called in and said she tried to vote for Chris lastnight and it said the line was "Disconnected" WTF ?
Chris so should have been the next American Idol!
I'm so pissed!


Chris-el-da said...

there's a petition you can sign to have his votes recounted. sigh.

he'll be ok
YOU'LL be ok.

i'm still alive after ace...