Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's 9:34am and i'm at the office. I'll be here till 5pm. BLAH. When i get off work i'm going to Kasey & Brents. We are leaving right when i get there for SAN ANTONIO!!!! I can't wait! This day is going to drag on forever! Tomorrow is Kasey's 22nd birthday. We are going to float the river. Monday we are probably going to the lake (something i've never done before). Tuesday we are going to schlitterbahn. I've never been. I'm way excited! After today i don't have to be back in the office until till Thursday! YAY!!!!!!!!
This is Kasey & Brent. This picture was taken in San Antonio last year on Labor day. They are 2 of my favorite people. We have so much fun together and they never make me feel like the 3rd wheel! I know this trip won't be any different !

I road on the back of a motorcycle for the first time lastnight. It was SO much fun! I'm hooked. My husband better have a motorcycle, if he doesn't i'll make him buy one :)

I went to my parents house the other day and my oldest sister and her 2 kids were there. I noticed my neice, Kelbey wasn't matching but i didn't say anything about it. Kayla told us that that morning when Kelbey was picking out clothes she already had her shirt on and she was looking for some shorts. She pulled one pair out of her drawer and she asked Kayla if they matched her shirt. Kayla said "yes they do" and Kelbey put them back. She pulled out another pair and asked Kayla the same thing and Kayla answered that yes they matched. Kelbey put them back. She pulled out yet another pair and Kayla said "no those don't match". Kelbey put them on and said "i'm not going to match today" She was wearing a shirt that had pink, purple and yellow stripes with red shorts and Kim Possible flip flops.
When Kayla was done telling us the story Kelbey said "I don't like matching" Kayla said " i don't care if you don't match during the week but on church days you HAVE to match" Kelbey said "ok on church days i'll match but those are the only days" that girl cracks me up. She's only 4 and she acts like she's so much older! Kelbey went off into the living room and my dad came back in the dining room laughing. He said Kelbey was wearing a yellow bracelet and she took it off and said "oops it matches my shirt i can't wear this". There is never a dull moment with her!

It's only 9:49. It feels like i've been here for 2 hours! Lordy this day will never end!

This is my nephew, Casey. I can't believe he's getting so big! He's 8 years old now. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at my parents house. He is sitting in a swing that is hung in a tree. I put that swing there when i was probably 10. I used to sit in it and read. He loves to sit up there!
I love this picture of Casey. I'm not real sure what he's doing. I think he's in the middle of talking.

I am so glad that Taylor Hicks won American Idol!!! I loved the finale! It was great!


Chris-el-da said...

first off, i shouldn't even be talking to you since you ditched me this weekend for MY FAVORITE TOWN EVER!!! you didn't even invite. argh.

next - those pics are adorable and k sounds like a hoot!

i guess have fun. all i know is i had better get some good stuff from Scrapbook 911.

i'll see you next weekend. so excited to have my little brynne back!