Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I didn't do much this weekend. Friday night i went to 101 to hear a friends band play. I got to dance with Art a few songs. I hadn't danced with him in awhile. I almost fell face first on the dance floor though. My boots kept slipping on the floor. I'm sure everyone would have gotten a good laugh.

Saturday i slept until 2:15pm!! OMG i haven't done that in years! I went downstairs and let Riley out then layed on the couch until around 8. It was a very lazy day. I went to Karen's to hang out with her. We ended up laying in her bed and watched several episodes of One Tree Hill. We made sandwiches at 1am and also ate chips and dip. Karen said "when you move in we can't be having these late night binges we'll get fat" Haha. I finally left around 3:30am. I don't even know how many episodes we watched. It was good to just veg out for a change.

I looked in my room and tried to see where i was going to put my furniture. Karen painted my room for me, it's Turquoise. I love it! My bedding will be black and i'm going to make throw pillows with different black & white designs. I'm excited. I can't wait to move in and get everything settled. With that and Christmas coming up, December will be a very busy month for me! It'll be my first time to live with a cat. I dont really like cats but Jack Jack doesn't bother me. He has swatted at Riley a couple of times but i guess Riley will learn his lesson sooner or later

Lastnight was the start of the tournament at the church. We had 2 games. We won the first match and lost the second. We play tonight at 6:30 depending on how we do i'll probably have another game at the church after that. I also have a game with the city league at 8:30.
I'm going to be tired of volleyball!!!
Tomorrow is girls night and it's my turn to cook. I think i'm going to make mexican chicken with spanish rice. YUMMY!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ramblings of the day

Every Wednesday night Lexi & Megan come over and we watch One Tree Hill (My all time favorite show). We take turns cooking. Last night was Lexi's turn. She made baked Rigatoni. It was AMAZING. We also had Ceaser salad and garlic bread. YUMM-O. I get to have it for lunch today too!! Next week is my turn to cook. I don't know what i'm cooking yet. Any ideas??

Yesterday an agent at the office said to me "Maybe if you wore more makeup, covered those freckles and got a tan you'd finally get a boyfriend" He totally hurt my feelings. :(

I can't believe that Christmas is NEXT month!! AUGH. I have not even THOUGHT about shopping!!!! EEEEEE

I decided to copy Cyndi who copied Kayla and post my tv line up... Now i'm kind of embarrassed. I watch TOO MUCH TV!!!!



I don't watch One Tree Hill till Wednesday nights.




I watch 2 episodes every day.

I'm looking forward to watching....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get a dog!!!

Seriously look how cute he is!!! His hair cut isn't as bad as i originally thought. He's pretty freakin cute now.

On my camera when i go back forth between the first 2 pictures it looks like he's talking. I showed Gerald and he asked if i was smoking something...

I just love his little face!!! (Riley's, not Geralds in case you were confused).

This is what we do for hours on end. I throw the stupid blue monster in the exact same spot everytime and he runs and gets it and brings it back. Sometimes before i throw it he'll run to that spot and look at the wall and wait for it to bounce off. He hates it when i trick him and throw it somewhere else. I think everyone should own a dog. They are quite entertaining.
But be careful when you pick one out... you don't want this to happen....

Well that's all i have for today..... COMMENT!!!!