Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ramblings of the day

Every Wednesday night Lexi & Megan come over and we watch One Tree Hill (My all time favorite show). We take turns cooking. Last night was Lexi's turn. She made baked Rigatoni. It was AMAZING. We also had Ceaser salad and garlic bread. YUMM-O. I get to have it for lunch today too!! Next week is my turn to cook. I don't know what i'm cooking yet. Any ideas??

Yesterday an agent at the office said to me "Maybe if you wore more makeup, covered those freckles and got a tan you'd finally get a boyfriend" He totally hurt my feelings. :(

I can't believe that Christmas is NEXT month!! AUGH. I have not even THOUGHT about shopping!!!! EEEEEE

I decided to copy Cyndi who copied Kayla and post my tv line up... Now i'm kind of embarrassed. I watch TOO MUCH TV!!!!



I don't watch One Tree Hill till Wednesday nights.




I watch 2 episodes every day.

I'm looking forward to watching....


Jenn Possible said...


Give me the agents name RIGHT NOW and I'm calling him up! Who the frick does he think he is?

You should have kneed him. Even if he was trying to be funny- you should have kneed him and said that you were trying to just be funny too.

You're adorable, gorgeous, sexy and hot.
Next time he walks by you rdesk throw things at him.