Friday, June 20, 2008

Everyone knew i was accident prone

This is the lovely bruise on my leg. Nice eh ?
I don't even think i can explain what happened. Last Friday (yes it's been a week and this is what it still looks like) i was sitting on the receptionist desk (yes sitting ON it) indian style talking to Paige. Hannah Joy was up there also, the office was dead so we were talking and hanging out up front. All of the sudden Hannah Joy says "here comes clients!" I tried to get off the desk and my heel got stuck in the hem of my pants and i started falling, somehow in the process my leg got crushed against the desk and sort of rolled. Thanks to Hannah Joy i didn't fall flat on my face, she caught me. I went to Karen's later that night and my leg was all swollen. Totally not attractive.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's official.....

I hate being a grown up. Life was so much easier when you were 6 years old and all you had to worry about was if mommy would let you go to your friends house.
You didn't have to worry about anything!
I had a flat yesterday and my friend Stephen changed it for me and put the donut on. Today on my lunch break i was going to meet my mom at Woody's to get the tire fixed. Well my car started shaking really bad and i called my mom and told her i didn't think i needed to be driving it. At that minute i heard a LOUD popping sound and my car started doing weird things and i screamed (sorry mom). Mom said "what is going on?" i said 'something just happened to my car i think my donut popped" so she told me to pull over i said i was. I was on the access road right in front of walmart. She said she'd call Woody's and see if they could have someone tow my car.
The guy finally showed up and ended up fixing my tired right there (the one that was flat yesterday). He told mom he'd follow her to the shop and they'd have to do something else to it.
So in the meantime i had to be back at work and so i got the luxury of driving the granny mobile (sorry again mom). Mom has a mini van and that's just not my style haha.
Mom called me later from the shop and said i need all new tires. BOOOOOOO i really do need a sugar daddy.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nothing new.....

I know it’s been awhile. I haven’t really had anything to report.
I’ve just been hanging out with friends. Last Friday, Stephen, Karen and i went to see Jeff Dunham. He's HILARIOUS seriously. I tried to get some pictures of him but they didn't turn out too good....

Last weekend was a blast. Saturday & Sunday we were at the pool all day. There were several of us there , we are going to try to do it as often as we can.
Saturday I made a roast in the crockpot and it was REALLY good. I made spaghetti on Sunday. I need to start cooking at home more. I’ve been really bad about spending money. I added up how much I bring home and how much all my bills are and it about made me sick with how much I should have left over. But never see it. I thought “where the heck does my money go ?” NO MORE EATING OUT!
Seriously I eat out a lot. I hate cooking for just me. It’s boring.

My goal is to buy a house by this time next year. I’m 24 , I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon. I can afford a smallish cute house. I’d rather put my money towards something instead of renting and not getting anything out of it.