Friday, June 20, 2008

Everyone knew i was accident prone

This is the lovely bruise on my leg. Nice eh ?
I don't even think i can explain what happened. Last Friday (yes it's been a week and this is what it still looks like) i was sitting on the receptionist desk (yes sitting ON it) indian style talking to Paige. Hannah Joy was up there also, the office was dead so we were talking and hanging out up front. All of the sudden Hannah Joy says "here comes clients!" I tried to get off the desk and my heel got stuck in the hem of my pants and i started falling, somehow in the process my leg got crushed against the desk and sort of rolled. Thanks to Hannah Joy i didn't fall flat on my face, she caught me. I went to Karen's later that night and my leg was all swollen. Totally not attractive.


Freebird1079 said...

YOU ARE SO CRAZY!! :-) SOmething I would do though....... LOL! WE ROCK ICE HARD! :-) WHAT?!

Shonda said...

What part of the leg is that? It just looks like flesh. :0)