Monday, October 06, 2008

B is not nis

I went to mom & dad's on Saturday afternoon. I had talked to Kelbey on the phone and she mentioned they were going to Nana's. I got there before they did and was playing a game on the computer. I'm totally addicted to those stupid games. I happened to be playing a game where you find the hidden objects. Kelbey jumped in my lap and was helping me find them. We played that game for about 30 min then we went into the living room. We played "office". Kelbey owned an art gallery and people were calling in to make appointments. I played that with her for a good 20 minutes or so. I went into the kitchen to get a drink and then i talked to mom & Kayla for a bit. Casey was laying on the floor in the living room watching the tech game so i layed down beside him and talked to him and watched some of the game.
Kelbey comes into the living room and stops and looks at me with her hands on her hips and says "B you are NOT playing with me!" I said "Kelbey i played with you for like an hour, now I'm going to lay down next to Bubba" she just wasn't having it. She went to the table and started writing something. She brings it to me and says "Read this"

At first the Be wasn't x'd out. I looked at it and gave it back to her and she x'd me out. She was REALLY mad at me. She went into the office and showed Kayla. Kayla said "oh she's really mad at you now, you're even x'd out"

Kelbey would hardly talk to me the rest of the day.

When i got to mom & dad's yesterday for lunch she said "I'm still not talking to you, you're mean" That continued the rest of the day. She told me that i'm "creepy" what?!?!?! HAHA. "I'm a creeper". When i told her bye she said "Bye B, maybe next time you'll be nicer" i said "Me? You're the one that wasn't very nice" Casey said "Kelbey, she's right you were being rude to B " Ahhh i love that kid. He's growing so fast. He still lets me hold him. I LOVE IT but i know it's not going to last too much longer.

He's going to be 11 in February. 11?!?!?! REALLY?????

She will be 7 in February. Where has the time gone ???


The old married woman said...

CUTE POST! I am so sad they are growing up. Kelbey is a drama queen and I love it!

Shonda said...

UPDATE! Tell me something I don't know. Tell me something I do know. JUST TELL ME SOMETHING. In this blog. Because. I. SAID. SO!